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Translation is more than just simply converting one language into another.

It entails communicating the same message to a different culture, in a different locale, while retaining the style and intent of the original text.

That task requires a special capability that takes more than just knowing the target language. It takes years of experience, specialist skills, and judgement to give a text the desired impact.

Research shows that companies in the Gulf stand to lose $25 billion annually in potential sales because of poor translation. Due to incorrect and culturally inept language translation, most of these companies face growth hurdles at the very least, and legal problems at the worst.

CAC provides more than just translation services. We provide our clients with peace of mind. We have a proven track-record in helping clients make the most favourable impression in their markets.

CAC has specialisation in many different types of translation services – business and financial documents, newsletters and press releases, web content and articles, employee handbooks and HR manuals, white papers and research reports, books and catalogues, magazines and other periodicals, advertising brochures and marketing material, movie scripts and technical documents, and many others.

We also provide live, in-conference translation, as well as website translation and localisation services.

Our team is comprised of in-house linguists, translators, interpreters, proofreaders, and quality assurance managers, all with a sound professional background in language translation and interpreting.

We provide high-quality services to individuals and companies ranging from small businesses to large multinationals, locally and internationally.

Contact us for a free quote today.

We work round-a-clock, 365 days a year.

CAC’s translators and editors have more than 50 years of solid experience in various fields.

Specialises in business, banking and finance, technology, industry and trade.